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Exit Strategy and Company Positioning

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Unlike most M&A advisors, our goal at Bay Business Advisors is to build a professional relationship with our clients well before our client engages in a sale or acquisition process.  We help our clients develop their “exit strategy” from the business, and “backward plan” to develop strategies which will help them attain these goals.

Our exit strategy and company positioning services focus on the critical valuation factors outlined below:


Business Qualitative
  • Priority Market Involvement
  • Busines/Capability Focus
  • Limited "Set-Aside" Revenue
  • Long Term Customer Relationships
  • Prime Contract Positions
  • Backlong and Long Term Contract Horizon
  • Skilled Employee Base with High Level Clearances
  • Management Team Quality and Experience
  • Deep Technical Expertise and Proprietary Technology
  • No Historical Mishaps
Finanical Quantitative
  • Track Record of Above Average Growth and Margin Expansion
  • Controlled Balance Sheet
  • Corporate Ownership Structure

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